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The Very Best Homebrewing Supplies & Craft Beer

Whether you are new to homebrewing or have become a seasoned brewmaster, let the experts at Maverick Beer Asylum provide you with everything you need to advance your beer making to the next level.

Homebrew Supplies

Discover the joy of brewing your own beer with all the supplies you'll need, including those for basic, intermediary, and advanced brewers. Our all-inclusive homebrew store in Little Havana has kegs, CO2, and beginner brewing packages. You'll also find an extensive selection of barley, yeast, and hops, so get your hard-to-find varieties of ingredients here.

We've got some nice equipment for beer making aficionados that allows you to easily make different types of beer, and we even have starter equipment for curious beginners. Let us introduce you to a couple of methods of making beer at home where you add malt and syrup to water, and then boil and ferment it for some great basic beer. You'll find equipment to help you make everything from scratch, which gives you greater control over the end product. We carry supplies for making mead as well.

Brewed Malt

If you are unsure of what supplies you need, you can consult with one of our experienced homebrewers on staff. We also have college-level instructors who will be teaching classes on homebrewing.

Packaged Craft Beer

Purchase your packaged craft beer here at Maverick Beer Asylum on Calle Ocho. We feature local craft beers from Miami and other parts of Florida, as well as throughout the Southeastern United States. Come in and select various local and regional craft beers in six-packs or single bottles to go.